Lauren Ludski

Lauren Ludski

Lauren Ludski graduated in 2008 with an honours degree (Bachelor of Science) in Physiotherapy from the University of the Western Cape. She completed her community service In Johannesburg in 2009 where she was the head of her physiotherapy department.

She then moved back to Cape Town where she began working in the private sector in an acute hospital. She worked for 3 private practices for 4 years specialising in acute hospital care, neuromuscular skeletal care and management and as a physiotherapist for a club rugby team.

She then found her passion working in a sub-acute facility for 5 years. This is where she gained immense knowledge and passion for treatment of the elderly. She treated many patients with various conditions including orthopaedic and neurological rehabilitation, medical and surgical rehabilitation, as well as neuromuscular skeletal (acute care and chronic rehabilitation). This practice was in patient and out patient based.

She then began her journey with Hector, Naidoo and associates in February 2019. She was then promoted to Associate in March 2020 where she continues to enjoy her passion and love for people.

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