Gadeeja van der Schyff

Gadeeja van der Schyff

Gadeeja van der Schyff graduated in 2016 with an honours degree (Bachelor of Science) in Physiotherapy from the University of the Western Cape. She completed her community service in Warrenton (Northern Cape) in 2017 where she was head of the physiotherapy department.

She then moved back to Cape Town where she started working in the private sector in an acute hospital and out-patients based practice as well as at a rehabilitation setting. This is where she gained experience treating patients in ICU and high care, paediatric chest physiotherapy, surgical and medical rehabilitation, neuromuscular skeletal care, and management as well as stroke rehabilitation.

This is when she realized her passion for working in a rehabilitation setting. She has treated many patients in the acute setting, but she enjoyed the rehabilitation setting more.

She then began her journey with Hector, Naidoo and Associates in August 2018 where she was (and still is) based at a step-down facility. She was then promoted to being an Associate in March 2021 where she continues to grow and get to enjoy her passion and love to work with and meet new people.

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