Physiotherapy at Work

Physiotherapy at WorkPeople don’t plan to get injured at work, but it’s an unfortunate reality that thousands of South Africans will be injured at work each year. Physiotherapy @ Work aims to manage a balanced system, one in which all stakeholders are equally considered; whereby the client is effectively and efficiently rehabilitated and returned to appropriate and safe work.

Client management:


  • On site client risk assessments / screening
  • Injury prevention education / training
  • Health and wellness promotion
  • Ergonomic assessments and correction


Injury on Duty / Return to Work management through:

  • Appropriate client assessment as soon as possible post-incident.
  • Appropriate client treatment and rehabilitation management as indicated.
  • Appropriate referral to multidisciplinary team.
  • Assessing and certifying a client’s capacity / capability to work and then establish a process to enable the worker to undertake as much of their usual activity / work as possible.
  • Effective management of barriers / facilitators of return to work.
  • Engaging the employer in returning the client to a safe and suitable work activity, taking into consideration expected healing times of injury.
  • Organise appropriate review dates for each client.