Physiotherapy at Sport

Physiotherapy at SportAll of our physiotherapists have experience in and are actively involved with sport and conditioning. We are passionate about rehabilitative exercise and helping athletes achieve optimal athletic performance. It is our goal to safely rehabilitate and improve our clients functional ability in the fastest time by utilising the latest research based treatment techniques and equipment in the environments that they are required. Due to the nature of sport specific physiotherapy, the majority of our equipment (i.e. plinth, TENS, Ultrasound) is portable – for on-site injury management.

At Physiotherapy @ Sport we pride ourselves on supplying a professional service at all levels of competition and through all phases of rehabilitative sports medicine, from acute injury management to post-operative rehab and return to sport.

Our services:

Our physiotherapists are team players and would easily fit into, and add onto, any existing support medical staff. We are also part of an extensive referral network and if required our clients will have access to numerous members of the multi-disciplinary team, including a sports physician, biokineticists, personal trainer, sports masseur, dietician and even nursing sister.


  • Pre-season screening (fitness testing and injury vulnerability assessment).
  • Postural assessment
  • Biomechanical video movement assessment and measurement.
  • Development of individualised Prehabilitation programs for ‘at risk’ athletes.

Training Sessions

  • The dedicated physiotherapist is at your club during all training sessions. Available to assist with training, assess injuries and manage player’s rehabilitation programmes.
  • Report back to coaching staff with regards to athlete progress.


  • The dedicated physiotherapist will be present at all team games both home and away.
  • We will supply our own portable plinth as well as other necessary electrotherapy modalities.
  • Pre-match responsibilities of the physiotherapist would include: player strapping and any last minute minor player adjustments (massaging/stretching).
  • During the Game the therapist would work with medical staff in ‘on-field’ assessment and treatment of players as well as provide advice on whether it is safe for the athlete to continue playing.
  • Post-match physiotherapy would comprise of injury assessment, for both new and known injuries, as well as adequate recovery in the form of massage or hydrotherapy (as available).

Additional game day services could include team warm-up and cool down protocols if required. We also offer our service at events.

Please contact us at or 087 236 6518 to enquire about our range of Physiotherapy @ Sport services